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Takashi Kamiya, President

As business activities and supply chains become more complicated than ever before, the demand for transporting products and materials internationally is changing rapidly. Handling logistics in this current climate can be overwhelming and distracting, taking away valuable resources including time and man-power, resources better suited to helping your company in your regular operations.

Corporate Philosophy

We are, so to speak, a “Travel Agency” for cargos. We are Freight Forwarding Business, which delivers cargos to each destination by setting the best route and chartering spaces, not by owning vessels or warehouses. When we send cargos to America, for example, we can say that flexible thinking is required through this business, such as how to set delivery service in the nation, or how to make use of warehouse on the way to the destination. These services are called NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). This industry category has started since when America accept NVOCC in 1984, it has placed as “Freight Forwarding Business” in Japan from 1992. We, Great Luck Inc. will keep growing and put effort on personnel training from now on to make our customer more satisfied.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

What is the shipping industry that has been growing together with the history and progress of marine transport

Chapter 2

Marine transport professionals who do not have ships. The roles played by forwarders are important in international logistics.

Chapter 3

Types and characteristics of the shipping companies that Shippers should know. Three standards to keep in mind for logistics

Chapter 4

Three points to understand the ability of a shipping company. How the shipping company responds to irregular circumstances?

Chapter 5

Questions and answers. I’ll answer the questions of the shipping industry. Questions range from fundamentals to practical logistics requests.

Final Chapter

How the shipping industry should sail the ocean in this era?

Our Offices


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