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Analyzing “Optimized Logistics” with rich experiences and data.

Suga’s book describes in detail what “Optimized Logistics” looks like using real examples. He goes on to better explain the past, present and future of the logistics and shipping sector. Optimized Logistics describes the current “status quo” for international logistics and offers Suga’s insights into what “the ideal” shipping industry looks like. The book can be a valuable tool for employees new to shipping and looking to get a better understanding of this fascinating process.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

What is the shipping industry that has been growing together with the history and progress of marine transport

Chapter 2

Marine transport professionals who do not have ships. The roles played by forwarders are important in international logistics.

Chapter 3

Types and characteristics of the shipping companies that Shippers should know. Three standards to keep in mind for logistics

Chapter 4

Three points to understand the ability of a shipping company. How the shipping company responds to irregular circumstances?

Chapter 5

Questions and answers. I’ll answer the questions of the shipping industry. Questions range from fundamentals to practical logistics requests.

Final Chapter

How the shipping industry should sail the ocean in this era?

The Science of Optimized Logistics

Written by Tetsumasa Suga
Published by Diamond Inc.
Published in December, 2017

In this book, the Founder of Japan Trust Co., Ltd, a shipping company without ships (NVOCC), based upon his 22 years of experiences in the field of logistics, takes up all kinds of issues raised by many business entities, thoroughly elaborating on the real information of the shipping industry that cannot be usually obtained from the mass media.