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Corporate Philosophy

Keep Contributing to a Development of International Logistics, Improving Ourselves Together and Pursuing our Happiness. We are, so to speak, a “Travel Agency” for cargos. We are Freight Forwarding Business, which delivers cargos to each destination by setting the best route and chartering spaces, not by owning vessels or warehouses. When we send cargos to America, for example, we can say that flexible thinking is required through this business, such as how to set delivery service in the nation, or how to make use of warehouse on the way to the destination. These services are called NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). This industry category has started since when America accept NVOCC in 1984, it has placed as “Freight Forwarding Business” in Japan from 1992. We, Great Luck Inc. will keep growing and put effort on personnel training from now on to make our customer more satisfied.

Quick Response and Information Gathering

Our biggest advantages are “Quick Response and Information Gathering”, which are bases to build long-standing relationship. We provide logistics information on a real-time basis depending on changes of surroundings. It involves costs (huge amounts of time and labor) for customers to keep grasp the circumstances of shipping industry, because the market changes drastically. We hope our customers to dedicate to their own main businesses, and save their time, by outsourcing logistics operation such as price negotiation with all the shipping companies. We will propose the optimized logistics in accordance with each situation, as a professional of shipping industry. When trouble occurs, we will contact with your local customers and solve some problems as liaison with responsibility. We can also go to the field and solve the problems, if needed.

Small-Scale Organization

We are a few-elite and flat organization so that we can make a quick decision. Our salesmen and managers connect directly to make quick actions for quote or troubleshooting. We possibly outsource our back office such as management, human resources and general affairs and concentrate on securing human resources for business activities to propose optimized logistics to our customers. We finally realized the high quality-low price by cost saving with the few-elite organization. We have our customers using our services with security by reasonable pricing. Furthermore, our customer information is all digitalized, our backup systems are well prepared.

Our Strength

We have SC contract with all shipping companies whose main service is for North America, and keep negotiating price for Shipper throughout the year, as NVOCC specialist for FCL to North America. We will take over all the risks of such as GRI, shipping company change, route modification or MQC undigested, and perform as logistics department for Shippers. For Out-Of-Gauge Cargo transportation, we abundantly secure specific containers (Frat-Rack and Open-Top containers). Moreover, we can also give competitive price of Break Bulk shipping company. Because of long relationship with all Break Bulk and Container shipping companies, there are no worries for problem with space securing even for large cargos.


We do not have any tangible factors such as warehouse, trucks or vessels, however, suggest the best facility, route and shipping company by adjusting to the customers’ requests in each time. We could set low price that customers cannot realize with their own cargo volume.

In Neutral Position

We are in completely neutral position which has no capital relationship with any other traders. If there are better services than us, we will introduce you to other companies in the industry, and will propose the best route and rate.

Our Hearty Hospitality

Our final goal is to build a good relationship with each customer, of course not just for businesses. We are all aiming to make our company loved by all customers, and to provide moving services through logistics, with “Hearty Hospitality” spirits.

Our Dear Customers

We don’t make a business deal with all customers. We would like to have a good relationship and provide hearty services with customers who have understood our corporate philosophy and have met the internal standard.


This is a place where we built harmonious relationship with our customers not only in business situation. You can hear salesmen’s live voice who fight in this shipping industry. This is also the place where we express our most important thing, “Hearty Hospitality”.

Advantages of Using GREAT LUCK


We ensure delivery at the time and place designated by customer by utilizing the best and most reliable means in Japan and abroad. We regard it as our primary service to build a logistics network for you but will provide you with general logistics service whenever necessary.


International intermodal through forwarding materialized by our partnership with domestic and overseas carriers enables us to take care of large lots(FCL) as well as small lots(LCL) including door-to-door delivery service.

Low Cost

We can offer low prices to enhance your competitiveness as we combine all available transport means efficiently. We are doing our utmost to help our customers reduce logistics related costs.