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Ten Promises

As a supplier of transportation service, most of which is not visible to customers, we have made promises to minimize risk, and best achieve customer satisfaction, which are:

Quick Respone

We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours to help maximize your business opportunities.

Handling Trouble Appropriately

Regarding cargo damage surveys and cargo tracking at overseas locations, our staff members will work quickly to take necessary action. With expertise in the freight forwarding business, we are confident in our trouble-handling skills, which we believe can enhance customers’ confidence in our service quality.

Cost Efficient

Our dedicated network and vast resources help your businesses stay efficient in its finances.

Vessel Space Arrangement

Based on service contracts with major shipping companies, we can cover all major sea routes to ensure that we are able to secure adequate shipping space at any time. We always do our utmost to arrange the transportation schedule and capacity that best meets your needs.

Overseas Service By Japanese Staff

Japanese reps from Japan Trust Nagoya Head Office are at our U.S. offices to provide smooth service in Japanese. These staff members, who are well informed of the needs of Japanese customers, are in charge of cargo release, tracking procedures, and trouble handling.

Handling of Oversized Cargo

We arrange transportation of oversized cargo using flat, open-top, and other special containers and conventional vessels. Door-to-door delivery by special vehicle, installation, and warehouse storage of such cargo is also available.

Proper Handling of Dangerous Items

We are capable of handling a wide range of dangerous items. Contact us if you’re looking for a reliable forwarder to transport those items!

Reliable Land Transportation

Our staff at Great Luck is always happy to arrange optimal land transportation service for your cargo. Our services include inland truck transportation, where we are equipped to handle standard and out-of-gauge containers.

Human Relations

Great Luck always focuses on building sincere, close, and long-term relationships with customers. We are happy to work with customers who share such an idea and to build a successful long-term partnership with them.

Transportation Safety, Insurance

Great Luck always places top priority on ensuring cargo safety during transportation. However, should an accident occur, the damages caused would be compensated according to the rules indicated on the Bill of Lading.


Our sales team is standing by, ready to assist you!